LEIs for Digital Certificates

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ISO standard 17422 paves the way for the extension of digital certificates with Legal Entity Identifiers for universal, verified and regularly updated corporate reference data.

The LEI is a permanent, unique key to verifiable level 1 “who is who” business data and level 2 “who owns who” parental structures. Organisations such as certification bodies can derive significant benefit from the LEI. LEIs and their live, freely accessible and frequently updated business reference data will always provide a better alternative to reliance on static reference data encoded in digital certificates.

RapidLEI is driving the adoption of LEIs in the certification body ecosystem:

  • The ISO 17422 standard defines the standard approach for certification authorities to embed LEIs in digital certificates (finalised 20/08).
  • CA technology partners such as DigiCert, FirmaPro and Certum as well as global SSL resellers such as GoGetSSL, PSW Group, TurSign, Trustcubes and others now also sell LEIs alongside SSL.
  • Through the RapidLEI partner network, it is possible to buy SSL certificates that contain LEIs.
  • Together with GLEIF, we are working with the CA/B Forum to standardise how certification authorities can use LEI reference data during validation processes.

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