Business Home country Phone support E-mail support LEI fee (1 year)
Denmark AUD 89
Australia AUD 109
Estonia AUD 139
United States of America AUD 101
Netherlands AUD 166
Germany AUD 81
Belgium AUD 148
Germany AUD 133
Slovenia AUD 130
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland AUD 175
Luxembourg AUD 248
Ireland AUD 266
Finland AUD 132
Korea, Republic of AUD 124

LEI number price comparison

Here you can find the most affordable LEI number cost if that is your only search criteria. You can see the cheapest LEI code supplier globally or for your country of choice.

The LEI number price is for a new LEI, if you want to see what the supplier charges for a LEI number renewal, then simply click on the supplier.

What LEI code data is shown in the price comparison?

Besides the LEI code prices, then you can see home country for the supplier, sort by countries covered by the suppliers, e-mail and/or phone support offerings.

If you click on the supplier, then you can also see the yearly LEI number renewal fee and whether the supplier is a LOU or a Registration Agent.

Further, you will find information about website language and link to the supplier’s website.

LEI registration

The fastest way to do a LEI registration today is to use the most popular supplier right here.Here you will in most cases do the application in a few minutes and have your LEI code in your mailbox within hours.

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