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A US business, fund or charity, subject to CEA regulation, that participate in financial transactions must have a LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier) in order to trade (No LEI, No Trade).

The LEI code number helps uniquely identification of such participants and can be thought of as a 20-digit international business number.

LEI Legal Entity Identifier information and LEI code price comparison

Everything you need to know about LEI Legal Entity Identifier (LEI code) can be found in our infographic here.

Right here you can also see LEI number prices for all LEI suppliers on a global scale, compare both LEI prices and service level, through our service – free of charge. For instance, you can find the most affordable LEI code. We do recommend that you do not focus only on who can do a LEI registration at lowest cost, but also if they offer support.

Legal Entity Identifier lookup in the global LEI database

Do you want to see what data is associated to an already existing Legal Entity Identifier? You can do that right here, free of charge. The Legal Entity Identifier search happens directly with the global GLEIF Legal Entity Identifier database.

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